Monterey Cypress Driftwood – Perranuthnoe

Monterey Cypress Driftwood

In the winter storms of 2013/14 a huge piece of this Monterey Cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) tree washed up on Perranuthnoe Beach and has washed around the bay until 2016, when I was able to reclaim the entire root and base to begin working with.

The first pieces i have made from this wood have been immensely rewarding, watching this gnarly piece of oversized driftwood reveal it’s complex grain patterns and markings, not to mention both its deep orange colours and its strong, unique aroma.

Much of the wood that I have reclaimed will be reserved for larger commissions and some of the very large pieces, will require a very long time to be allowed to dry and be crafted into something yet to be decided or revealed!

The anticipation grows with each new piece I make. I have never worked with a single piece of wood that features so many unique  figures; burrs, swirls, pommelé, fiddleback, crotches, quilting to name a few! While the odd knot adds even more depth to the wood, which combined with its naturally deep and contrasted grain and colours, make for some of the most unique bowls a single tree has ever let me create.