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Carbis Bay Cankered Ash no.13 bowl

Carbis Bay Cankered Ash no.13 bowl

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Carbis Bay Cankered Ash no. 13

This one has come out with so much character. Splits holes wavey and shiny ripples in the grain and colours that create a real mood. This piece commands a presence wherever it sits and would make a great decorative fruit bowl or simply appreciated as a piece of art with its own space

Made from a piece of branch wood from a heavily Cankered (the result of a non fatal fungus in the tree) Ash tree.

I was lucky enough to be offered all of the wood from this tree that was marked for felling due to property development on its land. It was sad to see such a beautiful tree have to be taken down, but at least I am able to transform the wood into something more than firewood.

This live edge bowl displays the battle scars of this trees lifetime beautifully. With grain that shifts in all directions where the tree has grown around the infection and healed, leaving holes and wonderful shapes that make each piece unique and full of character.

These bowls are turned with some moisture left in the wood and left to dry once finished, this gives a lovely 3D feel to some of the grain while still retaining a silky satin like finish enhanced by the beeswax finish. Occasionally there may be a split in the wood that appears while settling m adding even more character.

Finished with a blend of pure organic Cornish beeswax (Gwenen apiaries) and organic uk grown and produced hemp oil (vitality hemp)
I blend the two myself to create the ideal ratio for nourishing and protecting the wood.

Dimensions (approx)

Width : 255mm (10”)
Height : 150mm (6”)

Laser engraved on the base.

All my items are made entirely by me in my cornish workshop near St Ives.

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