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Zennor Made

Macrocarpa Driftwood no. 1 vase

Macrocarpa Driftwood no. 1 vase

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Made from Macrocarpa or Monterey Cypress, the wood used for this bowl washed up in a storm on a local beach and I was lucky enough to be able to reclaim some of this beautiful timber. More information is available on my website if the various processes involved with reclaiming and using this timber.

With mesmerising grain patterns and a silky smooth finish this bowl is very difficult to put down!

Zennor Made sources all materials from fallen trees, donations from friends, or suitable drift wood. Zennor Made is hands on from sourcing the wood right through to the finished product.

Often the wood is turned, milled and prepared 'green'. Green wood still contains a good deal of moisture, once a project is completed a slow, natural drying process can lead to changes in shape, these changes add extra characteristics to many pieces and make them truly unique.

As we take so much care and pride in our work, we aim to work with as many natural products as we can, in order to finish and add longevity and performance to each item. This item has been finished with pure Tung oil.

This is from the first few small turnings that I completed as a set of bowls and vases to explore this truly unique wood that I was so lucky to have been able to reclaim. The results of these smaller pieces far exceeded my expectations and revealed the amazing grain patterns and a finish that is silky smooth. This has led me to make some larger bowls and also a number of other bespoke pieces of furniture and sculpture are in the pipeline.

Dimensions (approx)

Height. 170mm (6 3/4”)
Width. 75mm (3”)

Finished with pure hemp oil and beeswax

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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