Trereife Spalted Sycamore

Spalted Cornish Sycamore, milled from a fallen tree in the woodland surrounding Trereife House, Newlyn.

The tree had been lying on the woodland floor for several years allowing the unique  spalting process to transform the grain and colours of this usually plain and uniform material into something far more  intricate and often spectacular!

The milling process was a challenge. Spalted wood often has areas where the wood has began to decompose and it unsuitable for working with. I carefully selected the most interesting and suitable parts of the tree and then extracting them and milling them into a usable material. The remaining unusable wood was then prepared for firewood for the owners of the house, while all that was left behind was some sawdust and loose bark, allowed to compost onto the now cleared area ready for new sycamore trees to grow in its place.

The results have been so satisfying, especially at the final stages of applying the first coats of oil, watching the colours and grain details being revealed. When working the wood, it remained much paler and showed very little detail, making each piece mysterious and exciting throughout the entire process.