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Feock Monkeypuzzle Bowl no 1 - 25cm

Feock Monkeypuzzle Bowl no 1 - 25cm

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Cornish Monkeypuzzle  deep bowl

Made from locally sourced wood from a donated Monkeypuzzle tree that was damaged in a storm.

Local Cornish wood with deep and contrasting grain/spalting lines. 

Dimensions approx

Width : 255mm (10”)
Height : 185mm (7 1/4”)

Finished with a blend of pure hemp oil and beeswax, nourishing and protecting the wood.


Note this bowl does have a hole, just off centre, that runs right through to the bottom, this is the natural centre of the tree (pith) and in monkeypuzzle it is very soft (almost like a furry bark) so i have removed this leaving what appears like a perfectly drilled hole!
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