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Trelowarren Copper Beech no 2 Bowl 40cm

Trelowarren Copper Beech no 2 Bowl 40cm

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Trelowarren Copper Beech no. 2

2 of 2 - This stunning piece of copper beech was from a beautiful tree in the grounds of Trelowarren House in cornwall. Due to a large storm the tree sadly came down and i was able to salvage a small piece to make this and just one other bowl, which is back at Trelowarren house. 

The grain patterns and colours are so striking in this bowl, the fine black spalting lines are like natures illustrations. 

Dimensions (approx)

Width : 400mm (15 3/4”)
Height : 140mm (5 1/2”)

Finished with a blend of hemp oil and beeswax, nourishing and protecting the wood. 


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