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Cornish Sycamore 65x46 cm chopping board

Cornish Sycamore 65x46 cm chopping board

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Solid Cornish Sycamore live edge Chopping Board

Made from a slab of seasoned Cornish Sycamore sourced from my local hardwood sawmill specialist.

This Sycamore has absolutely stunning ‘shimmer’ in the grain. As you move around the pearlescent ripple effect in the grain changes dramatically - something quite tricky to capture with a photograph.

This really is a beautiful chopping board, or serving board a real statement in any kitchen and something that will last for generations.

Dimensions (approx)

Length : 650mm (25 1/2”)
Width 460mm (18”)
Depth : 50mm (2”)

Finished with a blend of pure organic Cornish beeswax (Gwenen apiaries) and organic uk grown and produced hemp oil (vitality hemp)
I blend the two myself to create the ideal ratio for nourishing and protecting the wood.

Please note this is a natural solid wood board and should never be submersed in water or allowed to soak. Wipe clean with a damp warm cloth and dry.

Any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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