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Macrocarpa Driftwood Formys no. 1

Macrocarpa Driftwood Formys no. 1

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Macrocarpa Driftwood Formys 1

turned from a single piece of driftwood - a huge macrocarpa root and part of its trunk washed up on Perranuthno Beach many years ago and i was able to reclaim some of this stunning wood. The grain and its shimmer are beautiful. 

This sculpture is further to of my series of Pelyow's (Cornish for orb/sphere) where i explore some slightly less perfect orbs, with inspiration from local standing stones, and coastal landscapes round cornwall. 

Dimensions (approx)

Height: 200mm (8")

Width - 125mm (5")

Finished with pure hemp oil and beeswax. 

Laser engraved on the underside. 

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