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Malpas Laburnum Pelyow no. 1

Malpas Laburnum Pelyow no. 1

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Malpas Laburnum Pelyow no. 1

I was given some beautiful Laburnum from a garden in Malpas, near Truro. The tree had become infected with a fungus and sadly had fallen in a storm. 

The Pelyow is the Cornish word for Orb or Sphere. I to explore wood in this form. For both its tactile and aesthetic qualities, showing off the natural beauty of the grain, the woods imperfections and shapes, while inviting touch and feel. 

Dimensions (approx)

100mm (4") Diameter

Includes engraved base, which acts as a stand. 

Finished with pure hemp oil and beeswax. 

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