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Salt Cellar & Spoon Gift Set Aspen & Oak

Salt Cellar & Spoon Gift Set Aspen & Oak

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Cornish Aspen Salt Cellar and Oak spoon set.

Individually crafted through hand-turning and carving, the Zennor Made salt cellar and spoon set offers a touch of Cornish nature within your home.

Crafted from sustainable local timber, each salt cellar is a testament to our commitment to eco-friendliness, while the spoons are skilfully fashioned from reclaimed oak.

Enhanced with a finish of pure hemp oil and beeswax, these pieces exude a natural and tactile sensation. To add a personalised touch, each salt cellar is delicately engraved on the underside with the species and origin of the wood used in its creation.

Dimensions (approx)

Salt Cellar

60mm tall

50mm diameter


80mm length

Hold approximately 1 gram of salt per level spoon.


Packaged in an organic cotton, branded drawstring bag.


Package includes:

1 x Drawstring branded bag

1 x Wooden Salt Cellar

1 x Wooden Salt Spoon

1 x Info/thanks card

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