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Cornish Chestnut Chopping Board 61 x41 cm

Cornish Chestnut Chopping Board 61 x41 cm

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Solid slab English chestnut cutting board

This piece of chestnut has some unusual
And striking darker ‘tiger stripes’ in the grain and some lovely shimmer.

Finished with a blend of pure organic Cornish beeswax (Gwenen apiaries) and organic uk grown and produced hemp oil (vitality hemp)
I blend the two myself to create the ideal ratio for nourishing and protecting the wood.

I recommend regular re oiling when using these boards - with any suitable cutting board oil or alternatively you can purchase some of my hemp and beeswax mix through my Etsy store.

Dimensions (approx)

610 x 410mm x 50mm

24” x 16 1/2” x 2”

Laser engraved on the underside with my logo.

Custom engraving available - contact me or start a custom order to arrange details. Prices from £5 upwards depending on artwork/text requirements.

All my items are made entirely by me in my cornish workshop near St Ives.

Follow me on Instagram to see more behind the scenes and up and coming pieces. @zennormade

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